Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sole-Mate Anniversary Gift

M and I just celebrated our 6th Anniversary in November and we took a little trip up to York Beach, Maine....a busy, bustling tourist hotspot by summer and a quiet ghost town by winter. But the inns are cheap and we love feeling like we're the only people around.

We don't do extravagant gifts for anniversary (nor do we follow the traditional gifts of paper, silver, wood, etc.) If you followed me over on Love Actually you know I'm a lovey-dovey kinda girl and I really like themes.

This year, I went with a Sole-Mate theme...not soulmate. I placed this basket on the edge of the jacuzzi for M to find.

Items you could put in the basket:
- giftcard to Subway for a footlong
- Mary Kay Mint Bliss lotion for feet/legs (it has a really nice tingling sensation)
- Tootsie Pops
- Fruit by the Foot
- New socks (splurge on some nice, soft pairs! You can find nicer ones for cheaper at TJ Max or stores like that)
- Foot Smoother
- a new football

Now, for the cards in the basket. The first is this little coupon:

(Credits: The stats portion of this card came from Darling Doodles...she made a "sock it to him" basket and I just loved the stats....totally fits for a guy! The foot image comes from

Then, you've got to create a playlist (or a burned CD) of Sole Songs! You'll play this while you're giving the best foot massage ever...

Now, here's a couple of secrets for you that will help in planning this romantic gift/date:

- You can download all of these songs really cheap at BoxMp3.Net. (don't judge. I've used it for years without a problem and on a student-budget, it's super nice!)

- Do a little google research on "how to give a good foot massage" before your little rendezvous... and for the first few minutes of the massage, ask him to rate the "feel-goodness" from 1-5. That way, you know what to keep repeating and what things to not do to make it feel the best!

You can download my Sole-Mate Coupon and Songs for the Sole designs if you'd like:

(*ps--on the download, the #6 is left blank so you can write in or photoshop in right number for your anniversary)


  1. Very nice!! I love it! I have done something similar for my Hubby but this will be a different twist. Thanks.

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