Thursday, December 4, 2014

National Dentist Day Gift

As a dentist's wife, I'm always looking for clever dental related anything. I stumbled upon The Tooth Book by Dr. Seuss when I was pregnant and thought it'd be a perfect gift from his daughter-to-be. 

National Dentist Day is on March 6th every year and here's a simple idea for your favorite dentist...especially if he (or she) is a parent. There are a plethera of tooth-related children's books, so this is easily adaptable. And if they're a by-the-code-type-of-dentist and candy is a no-no, you can bet your life that the staff wouldn't mind indulging in a few goodies between cleanings and insurance claims. 

Oh, and please see past my terrible i-phone shots. my iphone was way past it's expiration by this time and I was too pregnant & lazy to pull out the digital SLR. 

Goodie bucket filled with variety of white candies: sixlets, taffy, gumballs, kit-kat white, lifesavers, buttermints and white chocolate reese's peanut butter cups

I wrapped the book up in white paper, and tied it up with a bunch of balloons and delivered it to M's office.

Here's Dr. Daddy reading The Tooth Book to our sweet babe on the day she cut her FIRST tooth! oh, when I walk in on picture-perfect moments like this, I melt. These two have my heart.

If you want to adopt the same tag I created & used, feel free to click and save as on the image below.

I'm back, baby!! Sorta....'s been a while. i know. but seriously, how do I have eleventy-thousand unread emails from this blog? That may be a slight exaggeration, but there are far too many! For that, I am sorry...I did not mean to ignore and purposely neglect your sincere emails with questions, problems downloading files, purchase requests, etc... but you see.... my focus has dramatically shifted over the past year. 

Here's a quick recap: 

Aug 2013

Oct 2013

Apr 2014 forward 8 months to

Dec 2014

and by fast foward, I mean REALLY fast! Holy cow, this little babe has consumed my entire life but I have never loved a job or a calling more...being a mother is my favorite. But, it's true what they goes by way too fast!  My litttle babe is only getting bigger and I intend to spend as much time as I can by her side watching her grow. and kissin' on her sweet cheeks! 

But, I'd like to throw a few posts up on this ole' blog of mine (if for no other reason, because it helps ME keep track of things I've done and a resource to easily access them again). So, look for some new posts coming soon! (and again forgive me for not returning past emails...and let's be honest, for future emails, too. probly. i'll try. ;)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Reindeer Games on Christmas Eve

Last year, we spent Christmas with my husband's parents and his sister's family. We decided it would be fun to play some festive reindeer games...but not just ANY reindeer games. Allow me to introduce you to the Christmas Eve Reindeer Games...a perfect mix of interactive games for kids and adults! Gather the family where they can all see the game board (pictured below) and read this lil' four line poem to kick things off...

Make sure everyone "dons" their antlers before you take a fun group photo! These came from the Dollar Tree last year.

Here's the game board: (nothing fancy..just a piece of foam board with scrapbook paper)

You will reveal (turn over) each game title one by it'll look like the picture above at first,
then slowly turn into the picture below! (I don't know why I did it that way...maybe for the anticipation...?)

Once the game title has been revealed on the game board, read the game description and play each game one at at time!

Scrambled Reindeer - Unlike scrambled eggs, scrambled reindeer isn't very tasty. Kids, team up with an adult as you hurry and unscramble these famous reindeer names. The first person to be done with correct answers or the person with the most correct reindeer names in this one minute race wins! *handout sheet for each pair; Answer Sheet (in order): Donner, Comet, Blitzen, Dancer, Rudolf, Prancer, Dasher, Cupid, Vixen

                Dasher - asreDh
                Dancer - cneraD
                            Prancer - nacPrer            
                Vixen - xiVne
                Comet - meCot
                Cupid - iduCp
                Donner - noDren
                Blitzen - zitnBle
                Rudolf - oldRuf

Oh , Deer! - The North Pole is not a safe place to get lost with all that snow...but every now and then, Santa and his elves must go looking for a lost reindeer. Kids, there are 9 lost reindeer for you to find. Clues will help guide you. You must find each one in order! If you find one along your way, leave it there until the specific clue leads you to it. If you need help with a clue, ask the adults! When you find the lost reindeer, shout "Oh, Deer!"

                They all work together and receive small prizes after finding all 9 reindeer.

Here's how our clues looked... (attached to chipboard reindeer from Michael's last year)

Deer in the Headlights - Couple's Questionnaire. Give each adult a questionnaire handout and have them fill out. Give 5-10 minutes then go through each question and have each couple give their answers and compare. (Note: EACH person gets a questionnaire. The left column is what you say. The right column is what you THINK your spouse would say about you to that same question.) clear as mud, right? ;) 

ReignDeer Bubble Blowing Contest
- Reindeer know just where to fly when Santa pulls the reins. But Sometimes, it snows heavily on Christmas Eve night and the reindeer must be skilled at blowing snow out of the way of the sleigh as it glides through the air. It's kind of like blowing bubbles with bubble-gum. Here's your chance to practice. The person to blow the biggest bubble will be the "reigning" champion!

Reindeer Poop - Reindeer sometimes can be a bit messy, it's true. It's the elves only complaint, having to pick up the reindeer poop! YUCK! But, it has to be done. Kids, grab a spoon and head out to the backyard tundra and let's have a race to see who can scoop up the most reindeer poop!
               (This is a timed race game in the backyard (or garage, or wherever!) where the kids pick up cocoa puffs (aka: reindeer poop) with a spoon and carry back to a designated spot to fill up their container.  

Rain-Deer Homes - In the North Pole, it's sure to rain and snow, and that is why reindeer must have a safe place to go! Kids & Adults, team up and get ready to build a Reindeer home out of marshmallows and toothpicks. You'll only have 5 minutes to build!  (provide enough toothpicks and mini marshmallows for all groups)

Reindeer Gear - Reindeer have some heavy duty gear to wear every day, not just on Christmas Eve. The antlers of reindeer can get up to 39 inches in width and 53 inches in length! That's quite the load to carry on your head! Let's give it a try, shall we? Kids, grab an adult partner and line up for further instructions.
You will be making antlers to go on each of the kid's heads. Blow up your balloons, and stuff them into the legs of the pantyhose. There should be 4 on each side. Then, the top part of the pantyhose should be worn on your head to complete your Reindeer Antlers!
         (pantyhose bought from walmart for less than a dollar; balloons from dollar tree)

Deer John - In their free time, reindeer love to write letters and re-write songs...  Their favorite one to rewrite and sing is "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer". Let's rewrite the song ourselves and sing it loud for all to hear!
               This is a Mad Lib game - fill out the madlib on the poster board with the group's shoutouts as you ask for each kind of word. Then reveal it at the end for everyone to read and sing.

Endeer to the End! - Reindeer have quite the job...flying all around the world in just one night! This is the last reindeer game and you must "enDEER" to the end!  Remember, reindeer are all tied together when they fly, but they work together to deliver all the toys. Kids, you must work together to pick up all these chocolates on the floor and put them in the bucket in 15 seconds. Any leftovers go to Grandpa!

Reindeer Snacks -
After a long night of flight, reindeer love going back to the north pole for a cool, refreshing Root-Deer....along with some salty reindeer chex!

Oooh...if you can't tell, we had a lot of fun! Here are the printables you'll need if you'd like to host the Reindeer Games this Christmas Eve!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Fresh Picked Blueberries!

I really know how to pick 'em... and I'm not just talking about berries. There's nobody quite like my sweet husband....and if I had to go back 8 years, there'd be no question that I'd "pick" him again. There's nobody in the world that I have more fun with, think more highly of, trust more completely, love whole-heartedly... and I thank heaven everyday that he's mine forever. 

We've had a hankering for a little road trip adventure so we put the city in our rear-view mirror for the day and said hello to Blueberry Hill Farms in Edom, Texas. What a cute little country farm!

YUM! We have yet to decide what to do with our fresh blueberries....but I have a feeling it's going to be something like these Grilled Blueberry Breakfast Sandwiches.

If you have a blueberry picking date in your future plans, be sure to snag this little printable:

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mother's Day Garden Tool Kit

My momma is a yard-aholic. Not that it was her intention to be such, but in Montana....yards can be BIG. And hers is no exception. I was pretty sure that she had all the same tools that I was forced lovingly encouraged to use when I was kid working in the yard. Mother's Day was a great time to bring some color and shine to her garden tool collection!

This is a simple, but versatile gift idea because you can give just a couple or a big variety of fun gardening tools! There's no shortage of colorful gardening tools and they are super inexpensive. I found these tools at Michael's and wrapped them up in a cute package to mail home. 

I created this poem to attach:

I know you're quite the gardening pro,
but you can't carry on with an old rusty hoe!

I hope you'll find these new tools versatile
so you can garden with a little bit of style!

You can snag my little printable below.
Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mothers out there (but MY mother especially)!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Texas Flag Onesie & Rag Quilt for Baby

Hey y'all! It didn't take long for Texas to take a hold of my heart... but it still amazes me how much Texas pride radiates from this Lone Star State! For example, did you know that in the Texas schools, students not only say the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag, but also the Texas flag? Yup, true story. I've seen it myself in about a dozen schools.

Aaaanyway, I had a new nephew born in March in west Texas...a perfect opportunity to make this lil' Texas Flag Rag Quilt to match a onesie that I bought for him.

{how darn cute is that?! You can find these Texas Flag Onesies at Cavenders in a variety of sizes}

 {no wonder the Texas flag is's SO easy to duplicate! Three cuts of flannel and a few measurements, snips and stitches later makes this light rag quilt...perfect for a Texas baby!}

{this handsome little boy is gonna be all-Texan...can't wait for him to grow into his little onesie!}

For the Quilt:
- I made it a standard crib size: 54" x 72"
- I recommend a 1/2" to 1" seam to allow for plenty of raggy-ness after being washed.
- I used only one layer of flannel.. no doubling up or batting! If you haven't heard, it gets HOT in Texas. One layer of flannel is plenty!
- If you've never done a rag quilt, it's SUPER easy, just look up a tutorial online (there are plenty of them, but I'm afraid I'm not the best for providing one myself. I kinda just piece it together as I go)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Peep Show Ticket - Easter Romance Printable

This year on Easter, hubby and I will be with family. For packing sake, we decided to forgo doing Easter baskets for each other and instead just one small Easter treat. 

Here's what I came up with:

yup....a ticket to the Peep Show. Hey, don't look at me! I didn't come up with the phrase, I just found a creative way to present it. ;) Either way, it'll be a sure hit with most hubbies! 

However, I mentioned we'll be staying with family and I don't want them peeking at hubby's lil' treat ticket. Hence, the need for a disguise. 

See, once that ticket is tucked in it's sleeve, it's just an innocent little chocolate chick. No one will ever know that there's sa-more sugar tucked inside! ;)

Aaannyway.... if you have some big Easter shin-nan-a-gans (is that how you spell that?!) going on, feel free to incorporate this printable into your plans:

If you're doing an egg hunt for some-bunny special, roll-up a Peep Show ticket and place in one of the eggs. Hide this one good! (you don't want the kids stumbling upon this little treasure...)

If you've got a basket ready for him, hide a ticket in the grass. Not sure he's gonna care much for those jelly beans after seeing this...

So fun! I love Easter festivities! 

Here's your printable. Happy Easter!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Date Knight: Batman Movie Marathon

Lately, when planning Date Night, I try really hard to think of things that my hubby would REALLY enjoy. It's so easy to get caught up in the lovey-dovey dates that any girl would LOVE...but when I step back and think about what HE would really like, I find myself planning a date centered around Batman. I know, right? What is he.. 5? But seriously... the latest Batman Trilogy is really entertaining and they are one of his top picks right now! So, I now present:

Date Knight: A Batman Movie Marathon

Hubby was welcomed home by a colony of bats hanging out in the entry way...

The others said things like:
You can "bat" it's gonna be a dark knight...
I'm "batty" for you!
This date is going to be a bit "batty"

As he walked into the living room, the bat signal was shining on the ceiling (I took one of my bat cutouts, stuck it to a toothpick, and held it in front of the flashlight at different angles until it showed the way I wanted it to!)

His Batman Attire (a t-shirt from Target) for the evening was laid out on the ottoman with some movie treats. (Batman themed candy and treats are all the rage now...super easy to find if you look!)

For dinner during the movie, I served... what else? "Bat" Wings from The Wing Stop. 

 *oh, ps--I was wearing all black with this little batman face mask when hubby walked in. you know, it's those details that count! ;)

 And a little later, let's call it "intermission", we delighted in this decadent Dark Knight Chocolate Cake washed down with milk via DIY batman straws. Yum!

Oh, and this movie marathon took place over 3 nights. I can hardly stay awake through even one really good movie, let alone three.


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