Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tickled Pink: Gift Bag for Grandma turns out that being a mom is SUPER easy....that is, when there's grandma to snuggle baby on demand, change diapers, help bathe and dress baby, cook dinner every night, bake all sorts of yummy treats, clean the house, take the baby while mom takes a nap, shop for groceries, stroll around with baby at the mall while mom shops for clothes that actually fit, assist with newborn photos, etc. etc! 

just a snip-it from my scrapbook page

What a fun and special two weeks it was to have my mom here after having my daughter! I was sad to send her back to Montana and I knew my babe would miss grandma’s constant cuddling. 

Before Grandma came, I gathered any little pink items I could get my hands on from places like Target's dollar section, grocery store checkout stands, Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, etc....     

and put them in this pink, canvas bag (a gift bag would work just as well) attached with a tag and personalized note. We really were tickled pink that she came to stay and help me!

You can download the tag below...just click the downward arrow. Enjoy!

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