Thursday, May 7, 2015

90's Table Decor & Bridging the Gap Relief Society Activity

There is such a tendency to interact with those in our same age group... of course there is! Commonalities and similiar situations bring people together, but I have to say that some of my most treasured relationships (outside of my family) have come from "folks" from an older generation. Even as a kid, I enjoyed talking to people much older than me (not sure how much they liked me talking their ear off, but I sure had a good time) :) 

My church's relief society (women's) group held an activity a while back themed:


Speakers from different generations (a teenager, a newlywed/young mom, a middle-aged mom with teens, and a retired woman) provided insight into what it's like to be in their respective stages of life (as reminder of what has been or a glimpse into what's to come) for all of the women. The oldest woman's thoughts were particularly meaningful to me as she compared us all to trees, with roots and trunks and branches... and how everything has a time and a place. We bloom in different seasons but we all have a role to play in every season... She discussed how we can all work together to get the most out of life. I wish I could have had a copy of her whole talk; it was really great. 

Anyway, while spiritual and meaningful, the activity was also a lot of fun. Everyone was invited to dress-up in the decade attire of their choice and a few of us were asked to decorate a table for each of the past several decades.

I was born in the 80's, but I was a 90's kid so that was the table I was in charge of. Here was my sweet set-up. ;)

The entire table was focused around this poster: "the 90's as a kid"  ... take a quick read, I promise it'll make you laugh :)

....trolls, mixed tapes, hacky saks, and slap yeah, welcome back to the 90's!

...don't forget beanie babies (WITH the tags!), VHS movies, and warheads (my mouth waters just thinking about them!)

Each place setting had a booklet of Lisa Frank stickers, a candy necklace, and stink-on earrings. SWEET!
these are our Warhead Faces...

me and my 80's Goonies pal...

Here are a few of the other tables...can you guess the decade?!

Great activity...I highly recommend it for your next Relief Society event! Such a fun way to connect our different generations of women in the church. 


  1. What a great way to connect. And further present connections!


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