Monday, December 12, 2011

Waffle Shoppe Breakfast Party

Where I live now, I'm lucky to have a bunch of friends really close. So, asking them to leave their house in pajamas to come to mine for breakfast, isn't really a problem.

Three of these friends had birthdays within one week of another, so a few of us other girls threw together a themed breakfast party.

We greased up the griddles and whipped up some waffles with all the fixins. The birthday girls got to eat their waffles in these fancy yellow baskets (which was really more of a hassle than using a plate, but isn't it all about the "presentation"?) :)

The inspiration behind this shin-dig came from my cute cousin from The Waffle Shoppe. She runs the real-deal Waffle Shoppe at the Provo Farmers Market (in Utah) and caters for events. If you're looking for some yummy waffles and irresistible syrup, I suggest you pay her a visit if you live in the Utah area.

I designed these little birthday flags for our waffles. I've also left some blank for no-occasion purposes or you can take them into Photoshop and put your own words on them! Once you print and cut out, just cut two parallel slits on the left side of each flag and insert the toothpick.

You can flag them down HERE... Bon Appetit!

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