Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What We're Watching & Reading: 1st Edition

We both are loving this new show!

I grew up with all brothers.... so my childhood was more about legos, cars, riding bikes, and blowing up anthills (you know, the usual) than reading fairytales. But, if you knew my last name, you'd understand why 6 years when I was taking that name that I had a sudden interest in fairytales! This show makes me feel like a little girl caught up in her fairytale stories!

On Cher's bedside stand, you'll find:
This is a series directed at members of the LDS Church. I'm on the 5th book right now and it is heating up! Sooo good.... brings an eternal perspective that is both a little frightening and exciting. I'm all about it.

On M's bedside stand, you'll find:

He's been in the process of reading for a really long time. I don't say that to the discredit of the book, because I think he is really enjoying it, but he's just too busy right now to read for leisure very often. That's all I know.


  1. Oh yeah, love Once Upon a Time too--I've always loved the "history" of fairy tales, or what-came-next type of things. Read Ella Enchanted when I was in college, even though it was my sister's book--she was in 5th grade :)

  2. We too are loving Once Upon A Time and we let Marley watch that one with us. She hates Rumpelstiltskin and runs squealing whenever he's on screen. It's funny!

    We have both read all the Percy Jackson books...those are good!

    I haven't heard of the book series you are reading but it sounds very interesting! I'll have to look more into them.

  3. @ Steph - Yay! I'm glad when I find others who like the series cuz I want the series to continue!!

    @ Becky -- Yes, that Rumpel is a nasty little cuss... freaks me out a little, too. You'd love these books... give em a try!



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