Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wheat Grass Garden Kit

Don't ever ask me to watch your plants while you're away. I'll kill them.

Not on purpose, of course!
I just really don't have a green thumb. This is why every plant in my house is fake. (and in need of serious dusting). Still, even I can't resist the look of home-grown wheat grass...

photo courtesy of DIY Wedding

You can make it for yourself to display in your home or grow some in a cute tin and gift it, but half the fun of wheat grass is watching it grow! So, I created my own Wheat Grass Garden Kit to give as a gift...

How cute is that, seriously? I'm certainly not biased.


- sandwich bag full of potting soil
- small baggie full of wheat grass (found at a Whole Foods or health food store)
small baggie of small rocks/potting gravel
- instruction card
- tin or potting vase of choice

The instruction card comes to you at a small fee of a comment. Then it's yours for the taking from HERE

By the way, for a very good visual tutorial on how to grow wheat grass, Nothing But Country has a great one! It taught me everything I know. :)

Update in January:
I gave the kit (pictured above) to my husband's parents for Christmas. We started it together while we were there and then they sent this picture not long after!

Who says nothing grows in Las Vegas?! Wheat Grass does!
They plan to cut it and eat it soon (it's really healthy when you mix in with smoothies and the like)


  1. Cher! I'm so happy to see you posting more of your wonderful, creative ideas. You make me want to pursue some craftiness, too! Thanks for sharing. :D

  2. We're going to try growing wheat grass in our house...can't wait!

  3. Great article! :) Thanks for sharing... I absolutely love wheat grass. I really use it on like every meal that I have. It's great for you and it tastes good.



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