Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baby BBQ: Baby Girl Shower

I, along with a friend of mine, planned this baby shower over a year ago for my good friend who was expecting her first girl.

We grilled up some chicken shishkabobs to serve with a variety of sauces and also served fresh fruit kabobs, pickle spears, and BBQ potato chips.

We played two games.

(You'll have to excuse me these terrible pictures...Now you'll know for sure that I am no Amy Atlas event you ever questioned it before, paalease.)

The first game took place throughout the entire shower... the very common don't-say-"baby" game, in which guests started out with a certain number of pacifiers on their ribbon bracelet. If caught saying "baby", a pacifier was taken away. The guest with the most pacifiers at the end won!
For the second, we froze these tiny plastic babies in ice cubes. Guests had to melt their ice cubes (by whatever means necessary) and the first to get the baby out won the game!

Of course, the winners took home a bottle of BBQ Sauce tied with a cute pink ribbon.

For the best part (opening gifts), we laid out a couple of pink plastic table cloths which were the "picnic blankets" of sorts for guests to sit on the grass while Alicia opened her gifts.

Now that little "grill" is over a year old...WHERE does time go? :)

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