Saturday, January 14, 2012

YW Activity: "the Bishopric Stache"

We think our Bishopric works pretty hard (as I'm sure many of you can relate). They are at the church early Sunday morning and often times don't leave until later in the evening. Even certain week nights are spent fulfilling their callings.

The YW wanted to make sure that our Bishopric members have snacks so they aren't hungry all the time while serving (we had heard about stomach-growling fiascos during bishopric meetings).

The "Bishopric Stache" was the perfect solution. (you know, like...stash. stache.) Got it? Okay...just wanted to make sure.

We loaded up the girls and drove to the grocery store to get a tasty snack selection...

This is my terrible i-phone shot, but this is a jar from Target with stickers on it that spell out "Bishopric Stache" and one of those stick-on, furry mustaches (from a dress-up kit).

Ideas for Snacks:
-jerky/slim jims
-snack size packages of pretzels or crackers
-snack size candy bars
-mentos gum (sealed so it won't make everything else taste like mint!)
- Little Debbie Snacks
- mini pre-packaged Rice Krispy Treats
-individual size peanuts or mixed nuts
-granola bars
-candy to suck on
-any other Bishopric faves (ask their wives beforehand)

We stocked up the jar but had plenty of leftovers so we'll be watching for when it needs to be refilled.

The girls presented it to the Bishop that night...we thought it was a pretty fun and useful service activity! Hope you'll give it a try!

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