Friday, February 3, 2012

YW in Excellence Program: "Standing as a Witness" Court Theme

I spent about 5 minutes just now trying to think of a clever way to introduce this... I tried to tweek the words of the intro statement from "Law and Order".... it wasn't clever at all. Lame. So you got that explanation instead.

This was our YW in Excellence Program from 2010.


Our girls were being accused of standing as witnesses of Christ.

We put out WANTED flyers (around the church bulletin boards, in the YW room, etc.) to announce the public trial to ward members.

The girls were subpoenaed to appear in court:

Of course, we called a jury (parents and bishopric members) and they were subpoenaed, too...

(It's very similar, but has a few wording changes). The bottom portion is supposed to be torn off and returned as an RSVP.

Then, the court was called to order.

Each of my counselors took the role of either judge, prosecutor, or defense attorney, and I gave a "testimony" as the YW President.

The script lays it all out for you... (and you can download it below)
In the end, the girls got busted. Found GUILTY for standing for truth and righteousness. You know, we try SO hard as leaders to teach them, and then they go and do something like this...
it just makes us so............. proud. :)

At the end of the program, the YW sang "I Will Stand as a Witness" by Janice Kapp Perry. It's a perfect song for the program because it talks aout "testifying" of Him and standing as a "witness". The music can be purchased from the sheet music book: Let the Holy Spirit Guide.

We had practiced for weeks before...but we don't have a piano in our YW room, so I recorded myself playing so the girls could have the accompaniment when we practiced. Here's a little preview if you wanna listen: (as long as you promise not to laugh at my mistakes!)

The girls LOVED this YWIE program and still talk about it....2 years later! The script is funny and entertaining, but also gives the girls a moment to shine as the wonderful girls and followers of Christ that they are!

If you think your girls are guilty of the same crime, take 'em to trial! You can download the full script below...

(I cannot offer the other items for download because they have dates, pictures, ward name, etc....but if you're interested in a customized version just for your YWIE program, send me an email. I can offer it at low-cost.

Court Adjourned!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your efforts! Our girls are excited to have this as their theme and do something different.

  2. Hi, I would love to have this script but cannot find it attached here. Is it still available? My girls love this idea foe YWIE.
    please let me know if I can get this script and also other invitations from you.

  3. I think this is adorable, do you still have the script? It's not attached here.

  4. Hi is the script still available? I’m not seeing it attached either.



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