Monday, March 19, 2012

Boston Bucket List: Exploration Guide to Living in or Visiting Boston

As our time in Boston is winding down (less than 3 months to go), we look back on all the fun we've had while living here. It's such a great city with access to so many other wonderful places throughout the northeast. We have absolutely loved it here and will certainly miss the New England charm. It's our home and it will be a sad goodbye. 

We thought when we first arrived that'd we'd have all the time in the world to see all that we wanted.  Upperclassmen friends warned us that "the 4 years fly by!" and that we should pack it all in whenever we can. We've tried to do just that. 

I've had several people over the years ask me about my "bucket list" as they prepared travel and touristy plans of their own. We're big on travel and the "been there-done that", this is a list of our experiences...abbreviated.

This is a great starter list for anyone considering a move to Boston, a visit to Boston, or those who live here now that need to establish a bucket list of your own....

Just click on the downward arrow on the box above to download the document!


  1. I used to Live in Rhode Island before moving to Idaho falls. We would go to boston all the time! Its a very charming place. you have to go to a red sox game and do the duck tours!

  2. My husband and I are considering a move to Boston and I'd love to have a copy of this list but it won't allow me to download it. Any chance I can get a copy via email?

  3. You forgot a ton of beaches around Mass. Nantasket beach in Hull. Wollaston beach, Quincy (though have to admit not the best, but better than Revere..where noone goes in the water, ever). Also, tons of beaches down the Cape. Also theres Newport, RI. Which wasnt even listed either.

    You also forgot the Revs, soccer team who play at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. Then theres also foxboro. Tons of shops now.

    You also forgot Newbury St...and the Galleria mall in cambridge. A lot of areas in Cambridge are also nice...Central, Porter, and Davis Sq. You also didn't mention Boylston St or Kenmore Sq, both are nice. Allston, BU, and Brookline...Coolidge Corner?

    Boston is an Amazing city.

  4. My boyfriend and I are moving to Boston this coming Saturday and this was an absolute AMAZING find! I have been to MA 3 times in my life and have no idea what there is to do around. I just found this on Pinterest and I am so thankful! Any more tips you can certainly send my way!!!

  5. Nice list! I was born, raised + am still living in Boston. Your list makes it sound so fun + exciting, which is something I haven't said about Boston in years! Great ideas for Boston newcomers... the list should just have an asterisk that says anywhere on the list could take 10 minutes to 6 hours to get there because of how crazy busy / crowded Boston is, LOL.

  6. cool building in Brookline.

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