Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hippity Hoppity Burlap Bunny Decor

I love Easter! 

..and if I didn't have a cat who would devour it, I'd have a bunny rabbit of my own. So, I just decorate with them instead. Less messy, anyway. ;)

I was feeling a little crafty last weekend and after browsing Uncommon DesignsI put these little numbers together (2 projects in one! yeah!) 

strung with "Jute" and hot glue.

I couldn't find this bunny shape online to download so I had to photoshop it using a photo. It's a rough sketch, but it works! Feel free to download the template below:
*You'll have  to insert the image into Word or Photoshop to size it however you'd like.

After I cut out the bunny shape for the garland, I used the remaining piece of paper as a stencil to paint a bunny silhouette on a 4x6 piece of burlap. (I taped it down on the burlap to make sure I had a clean edge.)

Ca-uuute! Glad I found those how they bring a taste of spring into my small apartment!

1 comment:

  1. Really really loved it!

    I'm going to try this Easter.




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