Monday, April 16, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Date Night - Nerf Gun War

I had a nice, romantic Date Night planned for this weekend....before plans changed a bit. grrr. This is the second week the date has been pushed back! Anyone else have this problem?! 

We still had time for date night after all, but it was too late for the original plan. At this point, I would have killed for a Date Night with M...

....which got me thinking about:

date night spoof of Mr. & Mrs. Smith with a hint of 007

The lights were dimmed as he walked in the front door with this "greeting":

I had this youtube video/song cued up and I pressed play as he walked in the door:

And, then the Nerf Gun war began... (it was a little unfair... I had bullets hidden all around the house so I could reload while I ran or hid...shhh! all is fair in love and war, right?) 

Our domestic war worked up an appetite and then we called a truce before settling down for a candelit dinner (I tried to make this as Mr. & Mrs. Smith-ish as possible with two candlesticks, wine glasses, us sitting on opposite ends of the long table, etc.). I replayed the music during dinner...great scene setter. 

After dinner, we.... can you guess it? Yup, watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

With a little more preparation, the date could have been planned a little more meticulously to match the details of the movie better, but truth be told, the date was perfect for us. We had a blast "playing" together...that's what Date Night is for, after all.

Quickie Date Version: Just do the Nerf Gun War and call it a date!  I can't think of many guys who wouldn't love to be welcomed home by their wife initiating a Nerf gun war...

I've got 3 options of cards if you'd like to give this date a shot... ;)

*download by clicking the downward arrow above


  1. Sounds like fun .... will try it in the near future.

  2. I just stumbled across this blog and I absolutely LOVE this post. What a fun date. My hubby would absolutely love shooting a nerf gun and call it a date...are you kidding me?! Totally trying this soon :) Thanks for such a great idea.

  3. Totally trying thi on Fridays date night!!!

  4. Love it!!! Great planning on your part.

  5. PS- after poking around your blog a bit, I decided to give you the versatile blogger award!! I love your creativity and especially your heart for your husband :).

  6. I had to share this today on my blog.
    Too fun.

  7. Totally did this for my anniversary! It fit us and we both had fun! Thanks for sharing! :D

  8. So I came across your site while looking at pintrest and pinned your "Mint" birthday and then started exploring and I am super excited, no estatic!!! because I was actually looking for a birthday idea for my husband and Since we will be going to the premiere of the new 007 movie "sky Fall" this is the PERFECT date! omg thanks for making my day after having toe sugery and sitting home bored!!


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