Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dental School Graduation - Open House/Party

Well,'s true! We made it through Dental School! (and by "we" I mean: he made the grades/graduated while I survived the four "widow years")  

Cause to celebrate? Ummm....definitely.

Meagan (my sweet friend from day one of dental school) and I, put our creative efforts together and planned this Dental Graduation Open House for our husbands. 

We had a simple, but yummy spread at the Open House of:
Vegetable Tray
Mixed Fruit Bowl
Chips & Salsa
Appetizer Meatballs
Cocktail Dogs (with TOOTHpicks)
Tooth Shaped Iced Sugar Cookies
Powdered Sugar Tooth Brownies
Blue Punch & Water

 (check out those "tooth"picks in the cocktail dogs... Oriental Trading hooked me up!)

(I cut a stencil out of paper, "laminated" it with tape so the grease wouldn't ruin it, then powdered the individual brownies (made in a pre-cut brownie pan). My mother-in-law was behind the powdering handwork...I'm so glad I had her to help!)
(Meag made these cute cookies to satisfy every guest's sweet tooth!)

I took a favorite punch recipe and turned it blue with food coloring to create this Mouthwash! (Make sure your punch is a clear liquid to start with or you may end up with alternate colors!)

Tooth Banner Decor 

 A favor....who doesn't love an extra pack of gum?
A proud display of their White Lab Coats.

 A photo display of them individually, together at school, and with their wives over the four years.

 Guests were invited to provide some words of wisdom for Mike and Ryan on separate wisdom teeth... both LOVED reading these after the open house. 

...this party was nothing except for the amazingly awesome people that were there. It was a bittersweet moment to be celebrating when we knew we'd be leaving many good friends behind soon!

We're so proud of our grads! Now it's off to Texas for all of us to find out what the "real world" is all about.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! Everything is so creative! Looks like such a great party.. and a major CONGRATS!!

  2. Awesome! Congrats are definitely in order! I love how creative you were when decorating for the party, such great ideas

  3. This looks like so much fun!! My husband is almost done with his 3rd year in dental school. I want to get him one of those dr. pepper shirts that say "trust me, I'm a doctor" when he graduates. Ha ha ha! I'll have to throw him a party like this too!

  4. hi there! where did you have the wisdom tooth pads made? what a great idea!

  5. Hey, I think Hiring a well reputed and a qualified Family dentist like Torrance dentist could possibly be the solution for all of you and your family’s dental problems. I am sure I am right!!

  6. Did you make the words of wisdom teeth cards? If so, are they available for purchase? My brother is graduating this weekend and I would love to use this! Thank you.



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