Monday, January 21, 2013

Dead & Breakfast Inn - Halloween Date Night

You've heard of Christmas in July...but have you ever heard of Halloween in January? No, of course you haven't. That's because no one is SO slow that it takes 3 months for them to get around to posting a Halloween idea... except me.  But, actually... I'm just 10 months ahead of schedule. It's never too early to start planning for Halloween 2013. It's gonna be epic. 

 I was in charge of date night the week of Halloween... and I've been wanting to do a "Dead & Breakfast Inn" theme for quite some time! Here's what I did:


Hubby was greeted at the Inn's "entry way" with a welcome card asking him to sign the guest book...if he dared!

an upclose look at the "welcome card":

He wasn't the first guest at this D&B....

Decor & Effects
I had our guest room all decked out with creepy Halloween decor, strobe lights, and some skeleton garland lights when he entered. You can bet I found everything I needed at The Dollar Tree: bloody cloths, mini strobe lights, black crows, skeleton head, black cauldron, napkins, foam gravestone, skeleton garland, etc. I used some of the decor from my living room (in this post). My husband agrees that the best part was the dark room lighting up sporadically with the strobes....really gave it a cool effect!

Of course, all the decor in the world won't do much unless I feed the poor guy! This "Dead & Breakfast Inn" served Killer Cuisine that was Drop. Dead. Delicious. 


Graveyard Greens with moldy dressing & Cauldron Chill-Eee with crumby crackers...all washed down with some Cursed Concoction (of course, it was brewed to imperfection).

And for dessert, a Toxic Mud Slab a  la wickedly sweet I-scream. It was to die for...

As if that wasn't enough, the Inn provided these toxic treats (crows bones and earth worms) for late night snacks.

The Inn also had plenty of other activities in store--including a Horror-ibly Hot Bath and a Frightful Film. Just for fun, I threw some green glowsticks into the bathtub (kinda like this blogger did) for a creepy and cool effect. Dollar Tree had some cool glowstick masks, axes, and such too that are fun. 

Since you have a LONG time to prep for this, you can make your own printables, right? No? Okay. You can take mine if you'd like.

You can download them HERE---it's a zipped file that you will have to extract/unzip before accessing the individual files.

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  1. Ive been to BOX and it won't let me download these because it's a zip file... could you just email me the zip file??



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