Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Glimpse Into Our Home: the Bedroom

Every now and then I just itch for change. That usually manifests itself in some sort of home decor redo. When I was a little girl, I would rearrange my room about every month or so just to change it up. Anyone else do that?

That desire has persisted with age, but I'm a little more limited now. In our 950 square foot apartment, rearranging our furniture just isn't as easy. So, I settle by changing the little bits that I can (with as little expense as possible).

This is the second of "A Glimpse into Our Home" post series:

When I wanted a change in my bedroom, I got creative.

My "my-mom-would-be-SO-proud" moment was after finishing these pillows!

I bought two plain accent pillows from Joanne's and then covered them with pillow covers that I sewed myself! My neighbors may or may not have heard squeals coming from my apartment after I admired my handiwork., it wasn't like I didn't have help. The CraftyGemini on YouTube taught me how to sew those pillow covers. She couldn't have made it any easier!

Oh, and FYI: The framed word art on the bedside stand, that's from eighteen25, one of my favorite blogs! You can download that wordart in a variety of colors.

This commentary isn't necessary, but I just have to:

"oh! ...ahem! Riley...pssst! Those pillows are not for you to lay on..."

"okay, okay.. take it easy. On second thought.... I'm glad your comfortable.."

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  1. I love eighteen25, too--but I hadn't seen those prints. Love them! Must print and frame for myself. Perfect sentiment for the bedroom!

  2. wow, how gorgeous! I love the simplicity of it too.



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