Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Glimpse into Our Home: the Hallway

Every now and then I just itch for change. That usually manifests itself in some sort of home decor redo. When I was a little girl, I would rearrange my room about every month or so just to change it up. Anyone else do that?

That desire has persisted with age, but I'm a little more limited now. In our 950 square foot apartment, rearranging our furniture just isn't as easy. So, I settle by changing the little bits that I can (with as little expense as possible).

So here's the third of "A Glimpse into Our Home" post series:

When I wanted change in my hallway, I took down the huge mirror that filled the whole wall (although a nice mirror, it was just a little boring!) and replaced it with this!

100% IKEA, right there. (well, minus the photos).

I put little switch-on lights by the plant and behind each photo to emit just enough light to keep the photo display visible at night. I, of course, change the photos periodically to keep current.

This added a nice dimension to the wall that it was lacking before.
Oh, and I killed that plant. I'm currently looking for a replacement.

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