Friday, January 6, 2012

YWs Activity: Lip-Gloss Making

For the Young Women's activity last night, I combined a mini lesson about the 2012 Mutual Theme (D&C 115:5) "Arise and Shine Forth, that thy light may be a standards for the nations" and lip-gloss making....cuz lip gloss shines.

Mini Lesson:

Read D&C 115:5. Ask the girls what they think it means and how it applies to them.
President Monson: "Although there have always been challenges in the world, many of those which you face are unique to this time. But you are some of our Heavenly Father’s strongest children, and He has saved you to come to the earth ‘for such a time as this’. With His help, you will have the courage to face whatever comes. Though the world may at times appear dark, you have the light of the gospel which will be as a beacon to guide your way."
President Uchtdorf: "He trusts you, and He calls and relies on you to stand taller and shine brighter in these challenging but wonderful days."
President Monson: "If you want to give a light to others, you have to glow yourself."

Then.... a little analogy:
If you walked around telling everyone you know how great this lip gloss is and that they just had to try it, do you think they'd believe you more readily had they seen you wearing that lip gloss all the time? We have to wear our lip gloss proudly... we need to SHINE forth and others will see and wonder and want what we have. (obviously, the lip gloss represents the gospel and the light of Christ that we have with us)

Then, we got right to work on our lip gloss using Kool-Aid and Vaseline! I followed the tutorial from Meet the Dubiens and they turned out great!

I designed the "Arise & Shine Forth" tags in Photoshop and you can grab my free printable below:

The containers came in a set of 12 from Joanne's...that link takes you directly to the product I bought.

The girls enjoyed the activity and the lip gloss really did look GREAT on them! :)


  1. very cool! i bet the girls LOVED it.

  2. Love the idea. I can't wait to try it out with my Mia Maids! Thanks!

  3. Did you use pre-sweetened Kool-aid? Thanks!

  4. Heather---it was just regular Kool-aid (the kind that requires adding sugar). The gloss turned out a little bit sour, which the girls actually liked! We used tropical punch flavor and it turned out the purple color.

  5. Great idea! I am doing this tomorrow with my girls as an introduction to the this years theme. Thanks for blogging you young women's ideas. I need all the help I can get.

  6. You're welcome... I feel the same way. SugarDoodle has been my best friend since the time I was called into YWs!

  7. Thanks for sharing this! So excited to incorporate it into New Beginnings (:

  8. I love this idea! I want to use it for our new beginnings favor. Did you add glitter to the gloss? Thanks for sharing!!

  9. We didn't add glitter...the koolaid had a little bit of sparkle as it was (the sugar factor maybe?) But, I think the glitter would have been fun!



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