Friday, February 24, 2012

YW Welcome Bags

Whenever a new girl came into YW's, I remember feeling scattered and rushed to gather all the supplies, order a necklace, etc. so that she'd have some sort of welcome bag. 

So, we had our YW Class presidency put these together so we'd have a bunch on hand for when new girls enter YW's from primary or for convert baptisms. The YW Class president presents these on the first Sunday they are in YW's or at their baptism....

YW Logo Necklace and chain
Strength of Youth Phamplet
Personal Progress Book
Personal Progress Journal
YW Theme Card
Yellow "Courage" Bracelet (which all our girls have from NB)

Now, it's one less thing "to-do" when I hear about a YW convert baptism or a new girl entering on her birthday.

You can download the tags we used by clicking and then saving:


  1. Really cute! I made welcome bags for my wedding and everyone loved them. Good job on these!

  2. HI AGAIN CHER! I've awarded you're blog the SUNSHINE AWARD! It's just a little award to let others know about blogs that bring a little sunshine into our lives. :) Check out the link here..

  3. Hey there! What good ideas!! In primary I give out a baptism bag for their big day. Inside are goodies and a paper explaining the importance of them. 1) gum:chew on the scriptures 2)a party horn: the holy ghost warns us of danger 3)the faith in god pamphlet 4) a compass: the holy ghost can be our guide. 5)a blanket: the holy ghost is our comforter. 6) smarties: be smart and choose the right 6) a picture of hands clasped in prayer: pray always to do have the spirit to be with you
    I don't blog about church stuff-maybe I should-but I do about lots of fun ideas and date nights with the hubby and family.

    1. Cute ideas with the baptism bags for primary! I feel so inclined to blog about the things I do i church because I have been helped so much by others who post on blogs, sugardoodle, etc! I suppose it's my way of giving back. It's fun for the idea to get more uses other than just me! Cute micro date nights---great idea for busy parents!! Keep it going!

  4. Thanks! I enjoy your blogs, found your love actually blog first and love your ideas!!



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