Saturday, March 3, 2012

Smart Cookie: Exam Treat

This weekend is a BIG weekend in my life. like, BIG big.

M takes his final clinical board exam of dental school today and tomorrow... We've both been pretty nervous about it. He's nervous because he has to do 3 different timed procedures pretty much perfectly. I'm nervous because I"m "on call" as his back up patient in case one of his patients don't show up (an automatic failure in that case)...and I HATE being a dental patient. So, we're hoping and praying all goes well and he passes! There's a lot riding on this exam! 

I sent him off today with a little edible encouragement... he can get a little fillin' before he starts drillin'! Maybe he can bribe the examiners with them, too..? ;)

PS....if your spouse is a student, there are some fun ideas over on my other blog, Love Actually. You can check 'em out HERE.


  1. My husband takes his clinical exam the middle of this month. I feel ya on this! Best of luck to your hubby! Hope all goes well and you don't have to be the back up! (I know how that goes too. I'm not a fan either.:)) Thanks again for your blog! I love it!

    1. oooh..Good Luck to yours as well! Can't wait for it all to be over! One day down. One to go! :)

  2. Good luck. I hope it all went well. My husband graduated dental school in 2006 and I am so glad school is over, although now it is a whole new kind of stress.

  3. is there a printable for the tag?



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