Monday, August 27, 2012

Napoleon Dynamite Party/BBQ

...yeah, I DID plan a Napoleon Dynamite party, GOSH! Listen, we got talking with some friends one night about Napoleon Dynamite and quoting it and what not...and, I just thought the next step would be to have a party, ya know? "What the heck would you do in a situation like that?"

It's funny that one part of me wants to hide in shame after doing a party like this (nerd alert!) but another part that just can't resist posting all about it. The latter personality trait won out...obviously. :) 

Stephanie from "My Life as A Wife" designed this pretty awesome invite...and I tweeked it just a bit to have it say BBQ instead of party. [PS...she's from Preston ID.. I wonder if she was friends with Napoleon? ;) ]

I gave my guest's a SWEET welcome...

...then we fired up the grill and ate some

Freakin' Food

 Each food item had a thought bubble with a quote from the movie...

 [my amazing friend made this flippin' sweet cake.... it was pretty much the best cake I've ever had.]

Then, it was game time. 

Liger Drawing Contest

Deb - What are you drawing?
Napoleon Dynamite - A liger.
Deb - What's a liger?
Napoleon Dynamite - It's pretty much my favorite animal. It's like a lion and a tiger mixed…bred for its skills in magic. 

Each couple got a sheet of paper (pre-cut). They chose who would draw the front of the liger, and who would draw the back. They couldn't see each other's drawing or plan it out in advance. When they were done drawing, I combined both parts to make the Liger. Then, each person voted by putting a tally mark on their favorite Liger. was the LOSER who received a pack of erasers so they could practice a little more. (an eraser is an iconic piece of the movie)

FFA "Taste the Milk Defects" Contest

We teamed up the boys vs girls and each team sent a "rep" for each round. Each round, a gulp of milk was tainted with either nutmeg, vanilla, pickle juice, or lemon juice. The first person in the round to shout it out, won! The girls smoked the boys... I just feel bad for our friends who had to drink the pickle juice infected milk. YUCK!

"Glamour Shots" Photo Shoot

The boys were hooked up with these rad photo prop glasses....(and then, one of them was genius enough to discover putting the sticks behind their ears instead of holding them in front of their faces). And, the girls were supplied with pony tail holders to get that perfect side pony like Deb. 

Movie Time

We watched the movie and laughed...and laughed. and laughed some more. I pulled out a little bit of trivia in the middle of the movie...

QUESTION:"What does Napoleon Dynamite put in his mouth in the bathroom at the school dance?" 
ANSWER: Big League Chew (powdered gum...from the 80's)

The winner got to rip open his own pack of Big League Chew!

Party Favor

Other Party Tips:
- If you have the Napoleon Dynamite DVD Menu Screen on as guest's arrive, it replays a catchy little tune and a couple of video clips from the movie...

- Download my Napoleon Dynamite Party Quotables:

- Download my Napoleon Dynamite Glasses Printable (and tape each pair of glasses to 2 wooden skewers to make quick-easy photo props)

- Get more sweet party ideas from these other Napoleon Dynamite Parties: - freebie template for the invite

Now go plan your own dang party...GOSH!


  1. Oh My Goodness, this is the best couples party idea I have ever seen. I love it and am going to plan one of my own. Thank you for being brave enough to post it.

  2.'re welcome, Sandi. I may regret it forever, but I'm glad you can take some inspiration from it! ;) (just kidding--I won't regret it, it was really a lot of fun!)

  3. Our youth ministry is going to do this and stumbled across your post to get some help. You had some pretty freakin' sweet ideas!!!! Thanks for posting, I'll send a delicious bass your way.

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  5. I'd love the printable quotes...but they aren't showing up as downloadable...???

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