Friday, September 7, 2012

Root Beer & Pickles: New Job Gifts for the Hubby

You know by now that my hubby survived Dental School and is now out in the "real world" of dentistry... which involves a whole lotta drillin', fillin', and billin'! (too bad almost all that income from the billing portion will go to paying back student loans for the next, um, 20 million years. or something like that. *gulp*)

So, after his first day on the job, instead of surprising with something big that cost a fortune, I got him a pickle. Yup. Laugh all you want... I wanted him to know that he was "kind of a BIG DILL".

He's been working for a little over a month now. Some days are great and some days bring new challenges and frustrations, but I wanted to remind him that I'm "rooting" for him each and every day.... So, I built him a Root Beer Cake! 

 {of course, I didn't use the whole 12-pack for the "cake". I put a couple in the fridge so he could enjoy a cold one when he got home!}

If you've got a spouse to cheer on through graduation or a new job, feel free to snag my free printables below.


Graduation Version:

New Job Version:



  1. Ok, SO cute! I love it!! You have such cute and original ideas. Always.


  2. Love this! Going to use the AW Rootin' idea for my boys. They need a little surprise after a hard week at school and before their football game on Friday night. Thanks for sharing! (If they liked pickles, I'd figure out a way to use that idea as well.)

  3. LOVE this! Can I feature your idea on Seasons Of JOY? I have three football players in my house! I will certainly use it for GAME DAY! Thank you! Your blog is great! :)

  4. Hi Cher, I changed the post. Thanks so much for letting me know. Your idea is super cool! Have a AWesome week!

    1. Thanks, Brenda!! You're the best!

    2. I am having the same problem with the "sharable downloads". I'm trying to print the tags for a group of HS cheerleaders, heading off into their competition season. Thanks so much for your help!! My email is: I LOVE your ideas!!

    3. PLEASE send me the rootbeer one I need it for a football player!! Thanks so much

  5. For some reason I can't view your labels. I can see the rest of your blog and pictures, but it's blank where the labels should be. Can you email me a link for them at That's be great. I want to make the root beer cake before my husband's first marathon. Thanks!

  6. Im having the same problem.

  7. Im having the same problem.

  8. I'm having the same problem

  9. Possible to get editabl version to use with HS students? I love this!



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