Saturday, September 15, 2012

Burlap, Brads and Black & White

I was born and raised in the country and although the country-girl in me is being smothered by years of living in the city, there's something about burlap that brings me back to my roots, even IF it's just that any burlap decor in my house smells like a barn. Yup. just for a little while though until the stench of smog, sewer, etc. get to it. Kidding! only kidding. 

Okay, on to my featured project....

I found this ugly little dandy at Goodwill for cheap:

 I ripped the ribbon off the wood pieces to make this photo ensemble on an entryway wall.

 I cut burlap to cover the front of each board and then borrowed my jute-wrapped "C"  to complete the collage. The nice thing about this is that I can easily change those pictures. They are held in place just by scrapbooking mini brads that are pushed into the burlap spaces. 

Now when I walk in, I get a whiff of that fresh, country barn smell. oh yes. That'll wear off in a few days, right? ....right?   

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