Saturday, September 15, 2012

"I just wanna be the pretty one!"

I have some adorable nieces. Two of them are sisters. The oldest is five and is often complimented on how smart she is (it's true...she is VERY smart). The youngest is four and is often complimented on how pretty she is (also true). After hearing these sentiments from family and strangers alike, my oldest niece told her mom one day:

 "I'm tired of being the smart one, I just wanna be the pretty one!"

I totally feel her struggle! (well, this chair does, anyway...)

This little pretty is sitting in the corner of my half-bath, right off the entryway. My husband said it's totally not practical or functional (aka: "smart") in the bathroom, but since when does a chair have to be functional...can't it just look pretty?

By the way, that window valance is a totally cheap & easy DIY project. My friend, Alyssa, hooked me up with this tutorial from Budget Wise Home

Those turquoise vases were bought from Goodwill (originally Pier 1) and spray painted. You could do that with any type of vase (even glass, like this tutorial) and pop a few flowers in for a really easy way to tie in your color scheme.
Also, I bought that pillow form from Joann Fabrics and covered it using a you-tube tutorial from The Crafty Gemini

Oh, and one more thing (i promise, gosh!).... that poster was my own creation using a 20" x 30" poster print from walmart and a foam board from Dollar Tree. You can download my print for free below....

...and for what it's worth, both of my nieces are smart AND pretty! And I wish they'd come visit me in Texas so I can show them the bathroom decor inspired by them! But, if they can't come anytime soon, it's okay, 'cuz "every little thing is gonna be alright...."


  1. I love the accent colors that you chose! It really pops out and makes it cheery:) That quote really is just cute!



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