Oh, hello!
Let's just knock out the big questions right now, shall we?

Je m'appelle Cher. (okay, I really don't speak French, that's just the only thing I remember from 3 years of High School French. I use it when I can). I grew up in Big Sky Country (Montana), graduated from BYU in Utah with a degree in School Health Education and Driver's Education (yeah, I taught driver's ed. it rocked). After getting my diploma, I moved to Boston for 4 years while my husband attended dental school. Speaking of, he (let's call him "M") might get a little face time on this blog, so it's good I introduce him. He's the guy I married 10 years ago and couldn't live without. He's super smart, very handy, and pretty much the best dentist around... I kinda love him like crazy! ...and he's ridiculously good lookin', too. just sayin. I'm a momma to the most sweet and beautiful little girl and we've got a little guy on the way...can't imagine being more blessed than that (and I mean that in the least-cliche-ish way possible).

You might have seen some of my work (what am I? an artist? who else talks like that?) over at Love, Actually --- a very themed blog that didn't allow me much freedom to post about anything else besides love! Don't get me wrong, I love love, but I have lots of other loves, too. (Sorry M.) That brings me here... a place to post about "Life. Design.and the Pursuit of Craftiness." Oooh, I like the sound of that!

I like to dabble and delight in this and that...and when it's successful, I'll post about it. But I have no schedule for these sort of things. When inspiration hits, you'll know about it.

I love finding fun ideas on blogs, facebook, pinterest, etc... from people willing to take the time to put it out there! I'm really glad people do that! ..so, when I feel I have something to contribute, I don't want to keep it to myself! I think that's why. I'll let you know if I discover another reason.


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