Monday, February 20, 2012

"Full" of Love: romantic theme

M planned a Valentine getaway to the White Mountains of New Hampshire this last weekend... That, in and of itself, made a great Valentine's Day! But he added a few sweet touches to ensure a lovely weekend!

You can use those "touches" for an anniversary, romantic rendezvous, or to get an early start on next year's Valentine's Day (yeah, right...) I've tweeked his original touches to make a printable for you.

I woke up at home to a table outside our bedroom decorated with lights, rose petals, a small gift box, a love letter, and a framed print like this:

He wrote me a love letter with some keywords that pulled in his "FULL" theme...It really was clever and sweet and something for me to treasure...

Inside the gift box on the table were these....

Laminated strips with "FULL" words...these were for me to use, like coupons, whenever throughout our weekend getaway, starting with the road he gave them to me first.

Whenever Cards
CareFULL - so I could freely nag by saying "careful!" (like I always do)
awFULL - anything that I thought was "awful" like where to eat, what to do...I could turn down.
helpFULL - for when I needed him to be "helful" to me...
lawFULL - if I caught him speeding or driving crazy, I could nag about being "lawful" and he'd listen.
armFULL - an "armful" of love whenever I wanted it (aka: a hug)
grateFULL - for when I needed a little appreciation from him...
blissFULL - I could choose the "blissful" music for our roadtrip

At the B&B, he set up a basket FULL of goodies...

...with words like: {bellyFULL, bowlFULL, delightFULL, flavorFULL, handFULL, spoonFULL, mouthFULL}

...and another gift box for me to open. Inside were:

Activity Cards
FULL HD - he brought a mini projector and canvas screen to watch movies on the "big screen"
playFULL - for going out, playing in the snow, etc.
FULL Body Massage - my favorite.
FULL House - playing cards or other games he brought
pitiFULL - in case I just wanted to lay around and do nothing!
FULL Moon - he brought the Twilight series DVDs in case I wanted to do a marathon.

He also presented me with a mini muffin pan which was decorated cute with little cutouts covering each muffin tin (something like this with a little less girly-frillyness):

In each muffin tin was an attribute to describe me using the word...(what else?) FULL. And, I could open them whenever I wanted throughout the weekend. Gosh, I sure love this guy...

When I chose each tin and pulled out my strip of paper with the word on it, he explained or used an example to tell me why he thought I exemplified that attribute. sweet.

Here is the list he put together for options:
{YouthFULL, TruthFULL, TrustFULL, MeaningFULL,ThoughtFULL, PowerFULL, UseFULL, WatchFULL, SuccessFULL, SkillFULL, MerciFULL, JoyFULL, GraceFULL, MindFULL, BeautiFULL, FaithFULL, RespectFULL, FULLfilled, CheerFULL}

If you can't already tell, I was FULLy impressed and touched by his thoughtfulness. Hope it's an idea you'll be able to put to use!

You can download a few different color variations of the print HERE.

...and, I thought I'd share a few tidbits from our trip:


  1. What a nice nice guy you have Cher. All the thought and effort and kindness! So sweet!

    PEPSI! (My dad has drank Pepsi for YEARS! And Nathan's dad has worked for Pepsi for like 35 years!) PEPSI!

    (Love you Cher! And love your blog(s)).

    1. no way! 35 years... now that's a job to be proud of! I love pepsi..and mountain dew.:)

      I miss you!



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