Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{Winner} of Personalized Set of Love Checks

Know what's funny? I actually don't enjoy choosing a winner for my giveaways. When I wrote for Love Actually Blog, it was my least favorite blogging task. It might have something to do with only one person winning and wishing that everyone could win...but that's just not possible with personalized designs. So, I pushed through this time and behold, I have a winner:

It was random this time.

Comment #19 belongs to ERIN ANDERSON from Idaho. Congrats!! I will be sending you an email so I can personalize your checks!

Thanks for playing along everyone! .... if you didn't win, but are still looking for that great gift for your hubby (or wife) for Valentine's Day, consider my personalized designs. They are perfect for any Valentine.

Have a great week!

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