Monday, January 16, 2012

Tiny Space = Big Creativity

I knew living in Boston would come with limited space. We love our apartment, but our bedroom and closet space is lacking for sure. We have room for only one dresser in the bedroom so that leaves our boxy closet to hold everything else.... we had to do a little thinking inside the box to fit it all in!

There's a lot in there, but we've tried to make the most of the space we have...

Here's how:

- There was only one shelf. We added a top shelf for clothing (we keep a small step ladder in the closet so we can reach)

-We added a shoe rack with hangers:

I had M bend these hangers for me using as a guide! What a genius idea!
(That is just a tension rod from Walmart and a string in the middle tied to the rack above for extra support.)

- My tank tops (which believe it or not) actually take up a lot of space so I found they hang perfectly on a Tie Hanger (from Walmart). My belts also hang conveniently from a Tie Hanger...

- My necklaces are hung on the wall with not-very-fancy command hooks (but they work great) and my other jewelry fits inside a double-sided fabric & plastic jewelry holder (from Charming Charlie) My scarves hang right behind that. - My earrings go in these magnetic canisters (also guessed it...Walmart). There's no order inside the canisters, but it's not hard to pull out the set I want.

Our closet is packed to the brim...and although it certainly isn't glamorous, it's very functional. and I like it.


  1. I LOVE those magnetic canisters - what a great idea.

  2. looks good and man did you use your imagination!!

  3. I agree with Janssen -- those canisters are brilliant - so useful!

  4. Love your closet makeover! Great ideas!

  5. Ok the hangar for the shoes is BRILLIANT. I've been trying to figure out a way forever to manage my flats, heels, and boots. Not every style fits on a rack! This is great. Definitely on our next "honey-do."

  6. I agree... I was so excited when I found the idea and even more excited when I put it to use! :)

  7. Still thinking about your idea for using hangers for tank tops & you could do same for scarves. I found a really cool pole with short & long hooks that slide onto the pole ... at IKEA, and think you can see it here,

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