Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Decor to Die For....

Oh, I do love me some Halloween. You know what they say,

"Home is where the 'haunt" is..." 

That's certainly true of my house this year. I've been brewing up all sorts of spooky Halloween decor and it all starts at my front door!

The Witch is In! 

Dying to know the Details?
Orange Burlap Wreath - homemade using this as a guide
Black Chair - yard sale find! (Hit up your local thrift store, get any small chair, and paint black to get the same effect!)
Witches Broom - yard sale find! (check any party/costume store or online...they sell for pretty cheap)
Candy Cauldron - black cauldron from Dollar Tree, lined with burlap
Witch Hat - Dollar Tree
Black Mat - nothing fancy here, just a black kitchen mat from walmart; but a spider web mat like this one would be cute!

Step inside, won't you?

Eerie, huh? I LOOOVE it. :)

 I really love this little poem found via Positively Spendid:

"Backward, turn backward,
O Time, in your flight,
Make me a child again
Just for tonight!"

You can download my printable at the end of the post if you want it.)

Here's my DIY Spells & Potions Book:

I created my own pages in Photoshop using a combination of spells found on the internet and bits of my own made-up nonsense. (You can snag my printable pages below as well.) I printed the pages to fit the book I was using and then inked the pages up using grey ink. That's it. (I didn't go all crazy with buying an old, dirty book at a thrift store to use only for this decor project. That's just one more thing I have to store. This is a book right from my bookshelf that will go back when Halloween is over. Eventually, I'll make myself a real-deal spell book, but this works for now!)

...nothing too creepy in these spells. The "Clean House Spell" was just downright funny and I knew I had to have it in my book. (It came from a 13 year old from the UK! source)

Dying to know the Details?
Gravestone - Dollar Tree; many varieties!
Black Crows - Dollar Tree
Hour Glass with Black Sand - $8.99 at Ross Stores, October 2012
Black Flowers - Dollar Tree
Black Frame - Ross Stores
Potions Beakers - bought from walmart (filled with candy). I empied the candy and replaced with
uncooked white rice and chow-mein noodles.
Witch Hat - Dollar Tree

You didn't just come here for my tricks, did you? No, you came for the treats. I don't blame you....

These printable spell book pages are in JPEG format so that you can resize them as desired in Photoshop or another photo editing program. These are 5.75 x 9.25.


  1. I love these. I have been wanting to make a spell book for a really long time. Do you remember what font you used to make your spell pages? I love that font!

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