Sunday, December 9, 2012

"Date of the Month Club" Gift - Now Taking Orders!

I am now taking orders for customized "Date of the Month Club" kits!!

If you weren't a follower of Love Actually Blog or this blog last Christmas or Valentine's Day, allow me to introduce you to a one-of-a-kind homemade Christmas gift. Perfect for your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or fiance, it's a gift that lasts throughout the year!

Enroll him (or her) in the Date of the Month Club!

(this is the Valentine's Day Version, all assembled... of course, yours will be the Christmas Version as shown below

I designed this kit to fit inside a small box (mine is a Godiva Chocolate box). (When you purchase the kit, I will send you the JPEG files so you can size the kit pieces larger or smaller depending on the size of your box.)

Here's an up-close look at each part of the kit, which could be customized for YOUR sweetheart, of course!  You'll receive the DIGITAL kit by email (no physical product will be shipped to you!)

First, the tag for the box:

then.... The Membership Enrollment Card:

 then....the "Date" Calendar Cards

Explanation: (You'll give your Valentine a list of 12+ dates on this card. A few more than 12 would be nice. Keep in mind, these don't all have to be fancy dates from Love Actually Blog. Guys like simple dates,, throwing a frisbee at the park. Put some of his interests in there as dates with you. Then, he will choose which date he wants for which month. Then, it's up to you keep that card and plan those dates each month (Hence, "date of the month club")


Explanation: Give at least 2 vacation cards, but only give as many as you can handle having to plan throughout the year! (remember--these don't have to be REAL vacations...they can be "homestyle vacations" or recreations like mine).

then.... the Romance Reward Tickets

Explanation: These are "love coupons" of sorts...the trick is actually honoring them when he/she decides to use them throughout the year--no backing out! And, make sure you really personalize them (make them lovey-dovey, sexy, or whatever you want...well, whatever your valentine wants, that is!)

Finally, add your Hershey Kisses Tag with a baggie of chocolate kisses (each redeemable for the real thing...a kiss!)

And there you have it! A year's worth of romance and fun....all tied up with a bow under the tree!

(again, this is the Valentine's version pictured above...but you get the idea)

You can have a fully customized version of this kit for

Custom options include:
- Specific names on the To: and From: lines on the box tag
- Adding a name after "Congratulations" on the Membership Enrollment Card
- Your choice of 2 different Vacation Cards and related image (you can use the ones I gave for examples or your own!) Colors of text customizable. (each additional @ $2 each)
- 5 different Tickets with wording of your choice (each additional @ $1 each)
- the Kisses bag tag will be as shown

If you would like further customization, I'd be happy to let you know if it's included with the package or if it will be an additional cost.

How to Order:
I'll send you instructions for getting's a simple process!

How fun would it be to give this unique, personalized gift for Christmas? And the best part is all the fun to come out of it! Email me and we'll get started!


Below are examples of wording for the vacation cards and tickets to get your mind thinking of what you'd like included in your kit.

Here are some more examples from an older version of this kit... just to give you more ideas for wording...
(the below vacation card examples were designed using a previous template. Yours will have the updated look as you saw in the post above!)


  1. These are so cute!!! I already have my Christmas for he hubby done, but I'm thinking this would make a great Valentine gift! Are you doing these again in February?

    1. Amberly, yes--- I will plan on doing my Valentine's Version! I'll probably advertise that I'm taking orders mid January.... but you are welcome to email me anytime and we can start your project as early as you'd like!

  2. Cher, you are amazing! I've so much enjoyed keeping up with you through your pinterest fame. I love this idea!

    1. Thanks, Kimber! glad to have you following along! :) Hope you are doing well with your uber-adorable family!

  3. Hi Cher,

    I am looking to purchase your date of the month club pack for my upcoming wedding anniversary for my wife. I reside in Dubai, U.A.E. and was wondering if you can 1) personalize this a bit and 2) DHL or Fedex it to me to my address upon payment.



  4. Hi cher,

    Please could you let me know if this can be personalized for my wife. I would like to purchase this please.



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